Who are Musiclusive andWhat do they do?

1. Where we are

Musiclusive is based in the Forest of Dean, UK. If expenses are covered, we will be able to travel anywhere where there is a need.

2. Our Core Principles

Who Are Musiclusive and What Do We Do?
Musiclusive is a non-profit organisation that was founded by Jane Butler to bring together music and communication for all. This means people of all ages and abilities, and across a range of interests. Those with non-verbal conditions can be aided in their quest to communicate.

“Simply put, presuming competence means that … we must, nonetheless, assume that [someone] is as intelligent, capable, and competent as a typically developing [person] — and we must fine-tune our interaction with each of them accordingly. This has ramifications in every aspect of caring for a [person] with disabilities. From an AAC perspective, it means giving them access to a vocabulary that is as large (or even slightly larger) than what a typical child of their age would have.”

This quote best sums up our principles and practice, and is taken from a blog called
Presume Competence – An AAC Mantra
Nov 20th 2014

We use music as a motivation towards development of expression and total communication.

A fun, social, accessible environment.

Members of all ages work with staff, carers, parents and volunteers.

We motivate, encourage and seek to empower each individual Musiclusive member.

The workshops are a starting point. Growth in self-belief and confidence influence other areas of community and home life.

To give people a voice and encourage choice. We stand up for the human rights for those who have no voice. We give people the opportunity with support to express what they really want to say.

Assessments can be made to find the appropriate setting for each individual.

Communication Workshops

Music Workshops


These are provided based upon what you want to learn.

Music is fun, and we would like to make it accessible for all.
Practical music workshops that give wonderful opportunities for working together.
Musical Jamming!  Singing Songs!  Soundbeam!

Information about some of the strategies used is given in the links below:

Stories From the Anne McDonald Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Information on Supported Typing From the University of Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.

Write your own stories, articles,blogs, poems and songs.

We encourage everyone to communicate regardless of ability, giving people a voice and encouraging choice.

Total communication - developing a 'Freedom Frame' to give greater independence for our members.


We use a variety of instruments: guitars, keyboards, microphones, and music applications on the iPad alongside Soundbeam.  Here is some examples of Soundbeam being used:

Musiclusive will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

Workshops include training and advice available to individuals in their homes, schools, charities, and community organisations or indeed anywhere where there is a need.