On Saturday, September 29, 2018, Musiclusive CEO Jane Butler took part in a sponsored SkyDive to raise money for Musiclusive. This took place at Dunkeswell Airfield, near Honiton, Devon, UK.

The weather could not have been more perfect if it tried. A beautifully warm, sunny day with little or no wind (apart from her husband, who had eaten cauliflower the night before) greeted Jane and her family as they arrived in Devon at around 8am that Saturday morning. That super-early start had meant leaving her home in the Forest of Dean at around 5am.

The skydive involved jumping out of an aeroplane from 15,000 feet up in the sky, and landing on the ground as smoothly as possible, with the aid of a parachute and a professional diver, to whom Jane would be strapped for the entire journey.

To accompany her on the dive, Jane selected her niece, Samantha Davies, who was more than willing to take part in something that was completely alien to her – she had never so much as been in aeroplane before.

Jane wanted to raise money to pay for some staffing at Musiclusive; the staff who work with her number but a few, and consequently they are often to be found doing the work of several people at once, working behind the scenes, working out of hours, as well as centres such as the Ross-on-Wye Children’s Centre.

Many fans have asked why Jane’s husband Stephen did not take part in the Skydive. No flippin’ chance, mate. Stephen is quoted as saying you wouldn’t be able to get him within a hundred feet of the aeroplane, never mind leaping out of it, with nothing but fifteen thousand feet of air between him and the ground.

So, Stephen sat on the safety of the ground, drinking very strong coffee and taking photographs. However, the staff at Skydive Buzz have even got that sorted; all the way down, photos were taken by staff colleagues, to provide Jane with everlasting memories of her morning of bravery. For those who are interested, we have put a large gallery of the majority of those photos up here for you to peruse and (hopefully) enjoy.

Oh, by the way, through the generosity of many people who sponsored her, Jane managed to raise the incredible figure of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS (£1000) for Musiclusive.

So, thank you to all who gave to the cause, and here’s to the next brave event! x

P.S., If you open the first photo and then click really fast, it looks almost like a piece of video. Just sayin’.